Burglar Alarm & CCTV Security System Support Site

This site was originally designed for my own use, but as we started putting things together, we realized there is a greater community need for such a site. As a security technician out in the field myself, the one thing I noticed was the rapidly declining technical support system from our suppliers.

I don't pretend to be an economist, but like most of you, I deal with businesses and home-owners on a daily basis. One thing for certain is we are all feeling the pain in our back-pockets, so we can't blame our suppliers for not having the staff for tech support. We are all making cut backs to survive. SecurityTechHelp has been developed to help Technicians and indirectly Suppliers fill the current support gap. Here you'll have access to Security installer/user manuals, security system step-by-step "How To" tutorials & your very own technical social community.

Everything has been developed so a licensed technician with minimal experience can follow. Sometimes even the simplest tasks can evade an expert technician, simply because its the end of a long day or they don't usually work with the product. It is assumed that all users of this site have their applicable state/country licenses and therefore have a basic understanding of security electronics. Please use the tools available, such as the "Site & Product Forum" as this will help us provide more information you require.

We expect most users will access SecurityTechHelp while on the job, so we have taken the time to optimize the site to be viewed on your Mobile Phone or Tablet as well.

Unfortunately the site is not free to run, maintain and develop, so yes there are charges for the manuals and videos, but all are fair. You can Purchase Manuals with a limited license, limiting the amount of downloads or an unlimited license where you'll be able to come back to your account "My Manuals Manager" to view and download them, time and time again without being charged a second time for the same manual. The How To "Tech Videos" have a small subscription fee attached, the subscription periods vary from 2 hours to 1 year. There is no charge to be a member of the Site or Technical Social Community. I'd be thankful and encourage your feedback to help make this site better for everyone. If there is something you would like to see in the site or an improvement, please let us know via the "Site & Product Forum" and we will try our best to fix it as quickly as possible. All support videos are created by SecurityTechHelp, drawing on our experience and product manuals, we are not a training organization and have no claim to any national training accreditation. We have no affiliations with any of the product suppliers.